Thunderball Help and FAQs

Betting on the Thunderball is much the same as participating in the lottery itself, however rather than buying a physical ticket, you are betting on the outcome of the draw. Below is a list of FAQs related to the draw - if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to bet on Thunderball

Placing a bet on the Thunderball draw is simple - select 5 numbers between 1-39 and 1 Thunderball number between 1-14.

Where and when do the Thunderball draws take place?

The draws take place on Tuesday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 20:00 GMT. See the latest results here.

How do I win?

There are 9 prize tiers with awards paid for matching anything from the Thunderball or more. The value of each prize is a fixed amount including the jackpot which is always £500,000 (approx. €566,000).
Match Odds of Winning Prize*
5 + Thunderball 1:8,060,598 £500,000
5 1:620,046 £5,000
4 + Thunderball 1:47,416 £250
4 1:3,648 £100
3 + Thunderball 1:1,437 £20
3 1:111 £10
2 + Thunderball 1:135 £10
1 + Thunderball 1:35 £5
Thunderball 1:29 £3
* The amounts shown above have been taken from the official Thunderball lottery prize breakdown. prize amounts are calculated in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I win?

We will notify you via email and the prize money will be transferred to your account as soon as possible.

Can I subscribe to Thunderball?

Yes! Once you have selected your lucky numbers, you can select the ‘Subscribe’ option and we’ll enter your bet automatically. Never miss a Thunderball draw!